Updating a Bank or Credit Card Account details

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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All accounts are in the company currency.

Update Account

The following attributes can be updated:

 New Bank or Credit Card Account

  1. Navigate to Home - Accounts - Bank  and select new record
  2. Select the type as Bank or Credit Card.
  3. If a balance is entered, the double entry is for the Opening Balance account. This can be changed from GL- Accounts - Defaults
  4. If an opening bank account has money in it, enter a negative value to pay in money. If it is overdrawn, enter a positive value.
  5. An opening balance can also be entered from the General Journal entry. For example, opening a new bank account with money in it would require a Debit entry for the bank account and a Credit entry for a equity account.

Bank New Account Mode

acount update function