Customer Payments / Receipts

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April 2015 


Apply a customer payment to invoices while paying it into a bank account:

Paying a Batch of Invoices

Entering a Customer Payment 

Entering the Payment received

  1. Select the Customer. The index displays a list of customers with outstanding invoices.
  2. Click on Payment and enter the Value and a Reference
  3. Clicking on OK will pay outstanding invoices, starting with the oldest. The amounts can be adjusted including the payment discount
  4. Click on Save Payment.
  5. If the payment amount is not exhausted, the excess amount will appear as a credit on the customer balance.

Payment Entry

Payment Selection

Customer Bad Debts

Invoices can be writted down as bad debts, either wholly or partially. Select Bad Debt to write down a selected invoice. The bad debt will be regarded as paid and credited to the customer account..

GL Double Entry Transactions