Supplier Debit Notes

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April  2015

Debit notes are created in agreement with the supplier.

Creating a Debit Note

  1. Select the Supplier
  2. Select invoice lines to be returned.  If not paid, then the debit value will be applied
  3. Returned items will have to be debited from stock. Faulty items should be stored in a Quarantine location.
  4. A debit note can also be entered without selecting invoice lines.
  5. Note: A debit note tax return entry will be made automatically, if required
  6. Note: Item deliveries with serial nos need a return transaction. This is separate and must be done manually.

Debit Note Entry

Loading a Debit Note

Debit Note Confirm

Confirming a Debit Note