Invoicing Sales and Shipments

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April  2015

Displays sales items that have not been invoiced. These can be:

.The invoices are created in the customer currency

Combining Shipments

Combine multiple shipments in a single invoice, by clicking on Combine Shipments and loading additional shipping references. Shipments can only be combined if they meet certain rules.  Combined invoices will add shipping charges from each shipping note to create a  total shipping charge.

Tax (Sales Tax or VAT)

The sales tax is calculated based on the customer tax location (you can temporarily change this before invoicing):

Enter an Invoice

Sales Invoices for credit sales are normally created the same day the shipments are made, or after each shipment.  To invoice after each shipment, check Invoice After Shipping option from Company Setup

  1. Select a reference and load the order lines.  The prices displayed here are in the Customer Currency.
  2. The Unit Price, and Discount (%) , and the Shipping Charge can be updated.
  3. Select Save to create an invoice document. The document will be saved as a PDF file and can be emailed. The PDF file should be stored in a dedicated directory for sales invoices. You will be prompted to assign a default directory, if not previously done.    

Entering a Customer Invoice

Entering a Sales Invoice