Inventory Item Record

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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To create a new record, click on the New Record button on the top toolbar, or import records in batches .  Item records can also be updated later on using import files

Details Update

Item Details Update

Inventory Item record

Item Header

The Item Number and Item Description are displayed on all documents, and can be updated.

Stock and Available Stock. 

The Stock is the inventory count at all locations. The Available stock is the Stock minus:


The category tree is the basic method of structuring item records. A model tree can also be used


see Bill of Material


see Model Catalog

Item Images

see Item Images

Re-Order @  /  Quantity

see Minimum Stock Orders and Stock Orders

Unit (SKU)

The item stock keeping unit or SKU.  An SKU is completed defined by its unit of measure, style size and color etc. (see Home - Company - Unit of Measure). Item fractions can be stocked as well,  upto 3 decimal places.

For a similar items with different units, separate records need to be created.  These items should have a similar number structure, for easier listing, e.g.:

Item Number Item Description Stock Unit Unit Description
EZ1 Lubricating Oil 1 litre
EZ1-DR100 Lubricating Oil 1 Drum (liters)

 Note: an item can be purchased using different units, if a better price is available. Items can also be sold in different units.

Service Items

Service items are used to meet service requirements (e.g onsite installation). A sales order can have a mix of service and non service items. Service items in stock are not included in the stock valuation.

A service order is a variation of an item "build" order where cost codes can be applied.  A service item can be issued directly or 'included' in a shipment. 

Shelf Life

The shelf life is in days.


This is the build (make) or buy rule for this item record. This rule can be modified at any time, without affecting existing orders. Assembly items are usually ‘Build’, in that they  have to be assembled in-house.

Delete Record

An item record can only be deleted if no inventory transactions exist. These include opening stock credits. If transactions exist, an item must be marked as 'Discontinued'

Warehouse (s)

Displays one or more warehouse stock locations. You can move stock about, update stock and add stock locations from here. Auto stock picking and order reservation uses inventory location type 'INV'.  Also see:

Warehouse Details Update

Inventory Item record - warehouse details



Displays item sale, purchasing and build details.

Current Supplier

Displays the default supplier and purchasing price and purchase unit. By clicking on the link adjacent to the default supplier,  alternate suppliers can be selected and set as default.

Sale Price

See Sale Prices  

Standard Costs

See Standard Costs

Update Costs

You can also prompt to update standard costs when a build order is completed.   

Avg Inventory Value

This is the rolling average unit price, and re-calculated whenever stock is credited. You can also overwrite this value if necessary.

Master Schedule

Displays current orders with their sources and completed orders. You can click and edit current orders

Sales Orders

Displays current orders and the requirements summary. You can click and edit current orders

User Defined

Displays user defined fields. Values can be entered or imported. User defined fields can be listed.