Order Numbering and Tracking

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 1 August 2013

All product versions use an easy to track, back to back, order numbering system where  production orders and purchase orders are related to the original sales order reference.

Sales Order Reference:

The Sales Order Reference is a customer facing number. When a sales order is saved, a Sales Order Reference will be displayed, with the following format:

Prefix  + SalesOrderNumber + suffix

A Sales Order may have one or more orderlines, which represent each item in the order. This representation shows the relationship between the Sales Order Reference, WorkOrderID and JobNos.

Sales Order Reference Line No BackOrder
11-101 11-101W1 11-101W1
11-101W2 11-101W2
11-101W3 11-101W3

Special Cases: Stock Orders

A stock JobNo will have a different numbering sequence, and usually has a suffix "S"

Special Cases: Add to Assembly Order

If a new child item is added to a current assembly in production, then a new LineNo is created, usually with suffix "a"