Supplier /Vendor Records Import

Products: Hallion Paramo 'Pro', 'WRC'
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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Supplier records can be entered manually, or imported from a CSV comma separated file, or a Excel File Worksheet.   New suppliers can be added with any currency specified in Currency Mgt.   

Importing into the Preview

  1. Set defaults: Currency, TaxLocation, Region, Type and Shipping Method
  2. If the opening balance (credit balance) is not known, use Zero (or omit for xls/xls files). It can be entered later from the General Journal
  3. A supplier record can imported with a matching invoice address. To generate an xls template, click on the Template button.
  4. Import the file into the preview.
  5. Check for any errors by clicking on the validate function.
  6. Update entries in the Preview
  7. Click on Save All.

Import File Select

Import Records File Select

Import Supplier Records Preview

Import Supplier Records