Sales Order Entry

Products: Paramo Pro, WRC
Last Updated: 10 April 2015
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Displays the order entry preview for sales orders. Some features include:

Sales Order Entry Preview

Sales Order Entry

Line Discount

A customer can have a default discount which is applied as a line discount. The discount for each line can be modified. If no discount is specified, then the discount column will be omitted from the sales invoice.

Unit of Measure (UoM)

To change the unit of measure, click on Type column and select a price with a different UoM. See Item Sale Prices

Apply Prices 

Click on this button to re-apply the most appropriate sale prices / contract for all items. If a price cannot be found, the Type column will display missing.

An sales item should have at least one sales price or contract price.  The price type assigned to a customer is used to get a matching item sale price. If the sale price specifies a minimum quanity for the price, that will be applied as the  order quantity. This can be changed.

Confirm Order

see Sales Order Confirm


Import File Options

Sales Order Entry Import File Options

Customer quotations can be  entered in the sales order preview and saved as a quote, or All Accounts.

Quotations can be converted to pdf files, with predefined quotation text (see company details) and emailed. You can edit the quotation text before releasing the pdf file. Once the quotation is saved it will be displayed in the customer quotations list with status New. Changing the status to Template updates the quotation as converted

For new or prospective customers, see new customer quotation

You can view line records to update or delete them   The following attributes can be updated: